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Weekly Update 1 - New Year, New Business

Welcome to the first weekly update! These updates are designed to give readers an idea of what's going on in my writing, what to expect and when.

Wattpad Stars Retirement

As many of my Wattpad readers know, the Wattpad Stars Program has changed to the Wattpad Creators Program (in beta, as of the time of this post). I had been offered a stipend to continue writing under the new program, but ultimately chose to retire with the Wattpad Stars. Unfortunately, I did not feel the contract at my tier was appropriate for me and my writing career at this moment in time. I caution all those who do get offered a tier in the Wattpad Creators Program now and in the future to carefully consider their options and review with someone in legal prior to signing. Ask questions, figure out what you want to do and what the contract means as far as ownership rights, restrictions, etc. You may find it suits your needs. You may, like me, find it reasons to disagree with certain terms.

For those who are offered a chance to join this program under a paid tier, I am happy to discuss the questions I asked myself and the process I went through in determining whether or not the program was right for me.

This does not mean I will cease writing on Wattpad, it only means that I have freed up my stories across all platforms now and in the future!

Scary Good Press, LLC

After turning down a spot in the Wattpad Creators Program, I finalized the decision that I had been considering for a few years now but never quite could bring myself to do- start my own writing company (Scary Good Press, LLC) and take to self-publishing.

Scary Good Press, LLC will launch a little later this year. SGP will publish my paranormal titles and merch under Kellie Bowe as well as serve as a home for the other passion in my writing career- helping writers grow and improve through tips, tricks and techniques on how to make writing work for you. & Upcoming Newsletter

This website is for readers, about my writing and only my writing. It will pair with Scary Good Press, LLC for the sale of ebooks and merch, but is designed to focus singularly on my work, progress, and updates.

This week has been a busy one, so please pardon the small update. We are finishing up the basic setup of and have been working on the official newsletter launch. If you haven't already, please sign up for my newsletter for access to freebies, book launch notifications, updates and more!

New from Kellie this week:


Run Cold [Book 1]

Chapter 38: after dark

(read 2nd Draft FREE on Wattpad!)


Allie deals with the aftermath of Chapter 37: iron jaw.

Snip from after dark:

"I would've left a note," I told Gull, tucking my hair underneath one of Sigrid's lovely hats.

The mare snorted.

"Yeah," I sighed, smoothing a damp section of her mane where my tears had fallen. "'Woulda, shoulda, coulda' isn't going to pay this person's repair bill."

Hounded [Wild Hunt Series: 2]

Chapter 23: Flakes

(read 1st Draft FREE on Wattpad!)

Paranormal/Paranormal Romance

Tay and Shail take on a group of demons.

Snip from Flakes:

"Life wasn't fair, nor what came after, but facts didn't matter; rational decision making had flown out the window several minutes ago- I had to save this animal. A sudden rush of anger flashed blue through my finger nails. Snowflakes sparked off the crag cat's hide. I had failed enough. I had suffered enough."

Kindle Vella

LIVE NOW Episode 2: Tremblings

(read the first 4 chapters FREE)

Paranormal/Paranormal Romance

A struggling school teacher whose family has a long and storied history of working for the dark side finds herself at a crossroads. Deep, underground, forgotten crossroads, but the demon hadn't been surface-side for several centuries and Enola had been avoiding the obvious routes. When Enola refuses the call of an entity known only as the Brimstone King, she finds herself vilified regardless. Her only hope? Marry the last faerie, whose blessing of a happily ever after can cure even her.


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