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Structure and Soundness

A special package designed for writers who did the hard part of drafting a novel, but still have work to do before it’s ready for submission. If you have questions about whether something “works” in a story, want thoughts about character, audience, the plot, direction or theme this may be for you.  Your story will be read start to finish, marked along the way with insight and advice, and any questions you ask will be answered. In addition, you’ll be provided with a 2+ page analysis of what worked, what could use improvement, thoughts on POV, pace, flow, etc in an easy to read format.

Best suited for: early manuscript drafts where major revisions (line editing, etc) have yet to occur and the writer still has work to do.


Sample edit: free

Hourly: $40/hr (4-5 pages/hr)

By Page: $7.50/page


Coming Soon!

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