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Clean and Professional

In addition to checking grammar, copy/line editing examines a manuscript's accuracy, flow, word choice, paragraph structure, etc.

Best suited for: manuscripts that have a solid grasp of the big ideas (plot, characterization, etc), but need help ironing out wrinkles on a small-scale, line-by-line level.

I offer two types:


Checks grammar, accuracy, and reworks small areas of text for flow and structure.

Sample edit: free

Hourly: $30/hr (5-10 pages/hr)

By Page: $4.50/page


Does all of  the above, but more extensively, which may mean major reworking of style, paragraphs, etc.

Sample edit: free

Hourly: $40/hr (2-5 pages/hr)

By Page: $8.00/page


Coming Soon!

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