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Kellie Bowe

Eight-time Featured Writer, FORMER Wattpad Star & Wattpad Engagement Ambassador.

New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance Books

23,000 fans; 3 million story reads & counting!

arriving October 13, 2023:
A Feral shade of amber

A unique paranormal mystery

Quote of the Week:

The Night Fantastic, Chapter One

A camera flashed.

For the briefest of seconds the brilliance made visible whorls of stone fur and eroded teeth.

"No photography!" Tom snapped.

"What is it?" came a timid voice toward the back.

"A lion's head?" another guessed. "A monkey? A troll?"

"If it demands a diamond in the rough, I'm out," Nate whispered into my ear. "Only one I've got is polished."

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