Introduction to Write Better

The Write Better Blog (WBB) provides tips, advice, and discussion on the elements of writing. Just about everything mentioned here can be put up for debate, opinions and tweaking. Use what works, leave what doesn’t. No pressure. Stories come in all different lengths and styles, after all!

The information within has been complied after several years of editing, critiquing, and frank discussion with various members of the literary universe, from the beginning writer to editors and agents.

Please note that most of what you read here should not be taken in absolutes (specifically: never and always). They are suggestions. For better or worse, writing is a process that has been constantly changing and evolving since its creation. How we wrote one hundred years ago is not how we write today nor might it be how we write in the future.

WBB was written because, while writing comes in so many different styles, that doesn’t mean we can’t stop striving for greatness. A little extra knowledge, a new rearrangement of letters, or a new theory on character construction may be just the thing to elevate your style to a higher level!

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